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If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine a boomerang!

Hello, my name is Gilberto, together with my lovely wife, Patricia, we’re the team behind Photo Fancy Booth. I am a photographer by profession and during all the years that I’ve spent documenting events and happenings in Miami, I have been thinking of a way to elevate the “memory business”.

We know event planners are always looking for ways to spice things up at every event. With the advances in today’s technology and my passion for photography, we created Photo Fancy Booth. It is the perfect complement to take your event to next level.

Imagine having a strange-looking object greet your guests as they enter your reception area. After a few moments tinkering with this device, they found out that it can take not just pictures, but also boomerangs and even short videos with perfect lighting. Imagine how happy they’d feel knowing that they can have a copy of their photos sent by email, text message or through AirDrop. Ready to share on social media.

Photo Fancy Booth would like to be the next great attraction at your events. Whether it is a company event or something more personal like a birthday, anniversary, or wedding; our company would be honored to be part of it. Continuing the legacy of being in the “memory business”, we’re excited to make you extra happy as well.


We really enjoyed working with Topo Chico branding the Photo Booth images with their logo. Great event.
Photo Fancy Booth was at the KWYP meeting / cocktail party at Township FTL.
Photo Fancy Booth was at the 3rd anniversary of this exclusive hair salon in Doral, Fl.
We took our photobooth to a VISA event in Miami Beach, where they were celebrating the last day of an annual conference.
Our photo booth took hundred of pictures and boomerangs at their holiday party in El Patio, Wynwood.


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Our highest event was on a 34th floor, an intimate Prom celebration. A DJ with a small set up, a saxophonist and Photo Fancy Booth were the entertainment elements,  along with a beautiful balloon installation, delicious and elegant sweets and a pro chef in the kitchen. A nice team work. The view also helped 🙌.